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Located at the home of W1AN
in Ledyard, Connecticut
DX Packet Cluster Frequency: 145.730
For Licensed Amateur Radio Operators

For the Packet DX Cluster connect to W1DX on 145.730MHz, telnet: dxc.dxusa.net 7300 from your logging software, or try these options:

May not work with all systems

Monitor Live DX Spots!
W1DX Packet Cluster Spots
Amateur Wireless Association of Southeastern Connecticut

Free Download Putty a great telnet program.
Get Firefox!
W1DX Packet Cluster Statistics
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DXSpider How to Use Filters-Web Version
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User Manual in text Format

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Email the host: John W1AN:

Important Note! You must be a licensed Amateur Radio Operator in your country to activate the Telnet and Web Interfaces. It is a violation of law to activate these interfaces without proper authority of your goverment. If you are a shortwave listener and would like to monitor the activity from W1DX, you may use the Monitor selection. Please go to the American Radio Relay League website for information on becoming a licensed Amateur Radio Operator.

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